Abstract Logo Design and Its Benefits

Logos are great tools that can help your business be known very fast, and this is why you should not hesitate to have a logo for your company. However, logos are different and require some professional design. This article shall discuss abstract Logo designs and their benefits. They are designs that provide little information about a product or service. In addition, they are unique, appealing, and simple, which makes them better than other logos.

Creation of A Lasting Impression

The impression that you give to your customers is critical. You can create a lasting impression by the use of an abstract logo. Whenever one sees a logo that has texts, there is a particular impression that they get. However, the image doesn’t make them think deeper. On the contrary, a well-done abstract logo will stay in the customer’s mind, and they will keep on digesting it. It’s the aspect of trying to find the message behind the logo that creates a lasting impression.

The Freedom Of Interpretation

Another benefit of abstract logos is the freedom of interpretation that they give clients. You can get several interpretations from it. When a business owner has the logo designed, their minds have a few ideas of what it’s all about and will look at it from their angle. Contrarily, customers have no idea of what the logo is about. Therefore, they are free to give it their interpretation. Whatever interpretation they give the logo will leave them wanting to know if their guess was correct. This way, they will develop an interest in your product or service.

Easy To Create

Creating an abstract logo is very easy because They don’t require any images or texts. In addition, you don’t have to factor in your business’s nature when designing it. You also don’t need to give many details about the services or products you offer. A good example is a logo for the Nike company. It doesn’t have anything to do with shoes. When designing an abstract logo, your options are not limited in any way.


Abstract logos are versatile, and therefore you can use them in many ways. For example, you put them on a product, vehicle signage, or on the letterhead of your business. Their versatility stands out more because they will never be out of fashion. Even if your business takes a different direction, you can still use its abstract logo on it. Unlike other symbols, you can have an abstract logo for as long as you wish.

Abstract Logos Are Scalable

High scalability is another advantage of abstract logos. That’s because they don’t have any words, and therefore, they are simple and usable in any proportion. They will also not lose their meaning and clarity. In addition, you can enlarge them in case you want to use them on billboards. All you need is to adjust the dimensions of the logo so that they fit the intended application.

Successful abstract logo designs are all around us. If we see a swoosh symbol, we automatically think of Nike; we instantly recognize Addidas Three lines through a Leaf Symbol and the exaggerated arched letter M of Mcdonald’s. 

A fair share of experts believes that Nike’s name and symbol were inspired by the Greek Goddess of victory called NIKE. The Adidas logo comprises three leaves, standing for North America, Europe, and Asia — the three main landmasses where Adidas shoes were sold. 

Ultimately logo design inspiration can come from a multitude of things such as:

  • What does your brand represent? 
  • Where do you see your brand in the future?
  • What consumer audience are you trying to attract?


What our research has found to work best for abstract logo design inspiration is to explain the concept of your business to a freelance designer or agency and allow them to create 3-4 versions from their perspective, collaborate with friends, family, and even strangers as to what concept best represents your brand and what should be altered or adjust for a final version.

Abstract logos are essential in any business. They leave a lasting impression of your business on your customers. In addition, they are versatile and easy to create. If you are in business, it would be advisable to use them.