Black Business owner? 10,000 Black Business Owners Wanted Now! MUST WATCH #shorts

Black Business owner? 10,000 Black Business Owners Wanted Now! MUST WATCH #shorts

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Black Business owner? 10,000 Black Business Owners Wanted Now! MUST WATCH

Blax, the fastest growing black-owned business directory is looking to add 10,000 black-owned businesses to its directory in the next 30 days. Blax is preparing for a global “support black-owned business” campaign, but it needs to unite 10,000 great black businesses on the platform, so that when the world comes looking to “buy black” they can find everything they’re looking for?

What that means to black business owners is that they can get Massive exposure and sales just by being on blax before the campaign kicks off.

Blax.directory is Commited to Helping Smart Buyers Find the Very Best Black Owned Businesses on the Planet!

Blax is the premier black-owned business directory serving consumers looking to support and do business with black-owned businesses globally.

Our mission is to create the largest, most robust, and efficient platform to serve black business owners and the consumers looking to support them. Blax has a powerful mix of features not available anywhere else, to ensure that consumers find exactly what they are looking for Fast!

Freshest Listings

Blax always serves the freshest business listings with the most up-to-date information available on the companies, products, and services smart consumers are looking for!

Trust the Reviews!

Blax honors the power of reviews to make sure you know exactly what’s really going on with the businesses you’re looking to support! Blax takes the risk out of shopping and making purchases of all kinds by making sure that we can read the ratings and reviews from previous customers. It’s important to know about other customers’ experiences with a company so that smart choices can be made going forward! Make Sense?

As a Community Member of Blax your voice WILL be heard. When you shop with our members you support black owned business and help build financial equality. At the same time, when you leave reviews about your experiences, you help other consumers make great choices! Pretty Great Right?

So…Join As a Community Member Now so you can IMPACT this growing community!

ADD your business to Blax.directory Now: http://blax.directory

SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs79Jf0-bKCCP29qcT9telg



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