Black Business Review Series: Eat ~ Breakfast & Lunch Joint

Black Business Review Series: Part 1 – Eat ~ Breakfast & Lunch Joint

Hey you guys! I’m super excited about my new project working with black business owners from all around to review their business and listing them in the black business directory.

If you are a business owner and would like a review and shoutout of your business email me: Myriahhunter@yahoo.com and put in the subject line “BBR” OR if you would like to just be added into the black business directory please put in the subject line “BBD” and provide as much detail about your business in the body of the email, including your name, contact info, and website(if you have one). Please ensure that you provide the legal name of your business as listed on Secretary of State.


Today’s Video I reviewed: Eat “The Breakfast and Lunch Joint”

Address: 707 Carson St. Las Vegas, Nv 89101
Phone Number: 702-534-1515
Website: Eatdtlv.Chefnatalieyoung.com

Tell Chef Natalie that Myriah from BBR sent you!


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IG: Muuumyriah
Email: Myriahhunter@yahoo.com



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