Black Irish Brewing Co. focused on ‘togetherness’


When Kenny Wood looks back at history, he sees a lot of discussions and decisions made at the local tavern over a pint of beer.

He and his business partner, Jonathon Miller, consider themselves history buffs, and they look back to the times when local taverns were a community gathering place.

Armed with their passion for history and brews, they forged ahead with Black Irish Brewing Co., where all the beer will be brewed and consumed on site. They don’t have a list of their offerings yet, but they plan on offering a wide range of beers — ales, stouts, porters and IPAs. Both Wood and Miller have backgrounds in homebrewing.

“Brewing is our cooking,” Wood said.

The team is hoping to have the business open around the first quarter of 2022 in Greenville at Hammett Street Market, 300 Hammett St. Since the business is surrounded by a number of unique, locally owned eateries, they don’t plan on offering food.

Still, Wood and Miller have visions for the pub beyond just a watering hole. They said they’re looking for a community-facing business that will root them here.

Black Irish Brewing Co. facts

  • Opening: First quarter 2022
  • Offerings: Ales, stouts, porters, IPAs
  • Location: Hammett Street Market, 300 Hammett St.

“It’s important for folks to not think of a brew-pub as a bar,” Miller said.

Wood and Miller plan on getting involved in philanthropy and recycling. They will give spent grains to farmers and composters and they hope to be able to host some charitable events or donations.

As for the name of the pub, they said it was a multi-layered pun, pulling in the familial backgrounds of both men. Wood said the name melds two completely different backgrounds into one — something he hopes to accomplish through the business.

Whatever happens, they said the main factor is to promote togetherness.

“I don’t think I’ve seen angry people at a brewery,” Wood said.


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