Black-owned Bank in Texas – Unity National Bank #bankblack

There is a Black-owned Bank in Texas – Unity National Bank! Founded in 1963, Unity National Bank is one of the oldest Black Banks in America.

We were excited at the opportunity to travel to Houston, Texas to open our business bank account at Unity National Bank. While there, we met with the President and CEO, Mr. John Scroggins. Mr. Scroggins had some very important things to say regarding the bank and it’s role in the community to affect positive change.. We also talked about the power of taking some of our money from the larger more mainstream banks and putting it into Black banks and the different ways it promotes group economics by empowering our people. The deposits they receive go to Black Business loans which are used for expansion etc. This in turn creates more jobs in the community. More jobs lead to more bank accounts. So just by that example alone you can clearly see how Unity National Bank empowers the community it serves. They offer the same, if not better products and services that you can get from mainstream banks for your businesses and personal banking needs. Unity National Bank cares about its customers and lend a personal approach to servicing the needs of the community.

Please take a few minutes to be informed and enjoy, and remember to be a part of the Banking While Black movement better known as #bankblack with Unity National Bank and other Black-Owned banks.

To find out more about Unity National Bank please visit http://unitybanktexas.com. They offer banking solutions for personal and business needs and have exceptional customer service.

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