Black owned businesses you need to see – Life's A Pitch

In #LifesAPitch, black owned businesses are presenting in a competition. #Blackownedbusiness is the lifeblood of the black community, so it’s important that we push black wealth the companies that will create jobs for the next generation.

If you’d like to be a contestant on the show, get on our email list at AllBlackEconomics.com.

Cynthia McCalister
Quality SAP

Quality SAP is the maker of the mobile application Key Spot, which is all about Connecting Communities & Supporting Small and Minority Owned Businesses. We provide a mobile application platform to share business, services, and events, all in one Key Spot. Visit www.keyspotapp.com/free.

Precious Williams
Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC

Precious L. Williams is the Founder and CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC. Fortune 500 companies, successful service based entrepreneurs. She provides powerful pitches and speaker training services.


Jordan Rice and Amber Robinson
Get Into It

Get Into It was created by two black girls who grew up in white suburban Georgia. They discuss the unique experience that is growing up black in a majority white area. As they explore topics through the lens of young black people, they strive to be a relatable voice to others in a similar position.

Michael Watkins
National Skilled Trades Network

Our mission is to provide NCCER Accredited Construction Trades Training in the under served communities around the country.




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