Black Paraplegic Man Talks Being Dragged From Car by Ohio Police

Clifford Owensby, a Black paraplegic man at the center of yet another case of police brutality, joins Yodit Tewolde to discuss the ordeal, with his attorneys James Willis and Clarissa Smith.

Owensby can’t walk, a fact he relayed to Dayton, Ohio police officers multiple times before being yanked out of his vehicle during a traffic stop. Owensby has filed a complaint against the officers with the NAACP, alleging false arrest, racial profiling and illegal search and seizure. He also plans to file a lawsuit. In addition to bodily harm, Owensby says he continues to suffer from nightmares following the incident. Willis and Smith say they’re prepared to file a lawsuit against the city to address racial and disabled injustices issues surrounding the traffic stop.

All this and more on “Making the Case w/ Yodit.”

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