Black, Queer Solo Expat: Ask Me Anything Q&A

Hello beautiful people, I am creating a space for everyone to ask any questions y’all have. Let’s chat and talk about the journey of living abroad as a black, queer, solo female traveler and expat.

Do you have questions about…

Making friends abroad?
Working abroad?
Where to go?
Being queer abroad?
Being Black abroad?
Travel Insurance?

Other stuff? Let me know in the comments or tap in to the live and I will answer! (:

Links or Things Mentioned during the LIVE:
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Other insurance they offer: https://safetywing.com?referenceID=AminahsAdventures&utm_source=AminahsAdventures&utm_medium=Ambassador

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How to connect with me further:
Instagram: @aminahs_adventures ( https://www.instagram.com/aminahs_adv… )
Email (for business or expat related inquiries only): aminahsadventures@gmail.com

If you want to support me on this adventure and my channel here are the links:

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