Black Sands Entertainment Is Making a Name For Itself as a Black-Owned Business in a Predominantly White Industry – News


Rising against all odds to succeed in a predominantly white market is Black Sands Entertainment. Black Sands Entertainment, a comic book publisher, has established itself as the number one black-owned and managed company. For a long time, the sector has been largely white-dominated in terms of company owners, experts in the field, and even most characters featured in comics. But this is likely to be a story of the past with the entrance of Black Sands Entertainment, proving to be a revolution and inspiration to millions of other black people seeking success in the field.

Black Sands Entertainment has taken over the scene with their comic books that utilize more black characters in original scripts written by people from the same community. This is a purposeful move by the company founder Manuel Godoy, a serial entrepreneur who seeks to impact black characters in the sector so that black children can have heroes to look up to. Manuel feels like black superhero characters have been sidelined for too long, depriving black children of the joy of adoring someone who looks like them.

Black Sands Entertainment is currently rated as the largest black-focused comic book publisher in the industry, courtesy of its impact. Since its establishment in 2016, the firm has been building powerful IPs for the black community, keeping them thrilled by characters they can relate to and resonate with. The Black Sands Entertainment brand has gained a massive fan base across the country, with the white community being part of the movement. It has hundreds of thousands of fans spread across the world, with new subscribers joining the party every day.

At present, Black Sands Entertainment has sold over 100,000 units with an ever-growing IPs portfolio. Their objective is to continue making new, innovative, and catchy content that will appeal to more people. Without a doubt, Black Sands Entertainment is an industry leader, particularly in the independent market.

Manuel founded the company in partnership with a fellow army veteran. They have worked together to furnish the company with the A-list infrastructure needed to compete at the highest level. The company’s policy also ensures that they source the best in the industry to add on their world-class equipment and studio for efficiency. Incredibly, Black Sands Entertainment has achieved its success entirely by working with investors and creators from the black community, producing content exclusively for the community.

The founders’ army backgrounds can partly be credited for the exceptional discipline and work ethic that the brand is identified with. Talk of Black Sands Entertainment, and the first thing that most people will think of is the quality and efficiency of their work. Manuel says that their focus is primarily on outperforming industry standards through providing high-quality products such as hardcover books.

Manuel’s advice to anyone else out there is that you should never stop being yourself. He believes in working hard in any way to stand out in the crowd. More significantly, Manuel calls for the black community to be prouder of their race and background.


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