Black Wealth requires economic consciousness and Black Owned Businesses – Dr Boyce Watkins

Today, we talk about Black Wealth and why black people are deserving of reparations. In addition to reparations, black people need access to capital to create more black owned businesses.

The black owned business should be a part of every black family’s structure and is a critical aspect of the legacy of all black men and black women who seek to elevate the condition of themselves, their families and the black community at large.

As books like “Black Labor, White Wealth” show us, trillions in wealth was stolen from the black community through the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration, student loans, the employment system, and more.

Extracting lost #blackwealth is a journey that is going to not only involve political action, but it”s also going to call for a great deal of investing, real estate acquisition and economic consciousness with regard to the $1.4 trillion in black spending power we acquire every year.



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