Breach DRMA,the man black River police took DNA from & withorn police let prisoner beat & extort .

Police from Black River and Withorn station -took DNA forcefully from 3 men, then put them in cell
and make prisoners beat them for two days , demanding $30,000 from their family , for the beaten to stop .
watch video and listen recording of the prisoner extorters telling one of the men baby mother , who and where she must drop off the (ransom) money. for their beating in Withorn jail to stop.

these three men got charge for breaking DMRA (curfew) Mask .

but push through some torturing in JCF lock up at Black river and Withorn police Station.

Those police involve in this illegal detention and torturing and illegal taking of DNA , not to be charge.

JCF Hierarchy need to investigate and take action immediately

Reggae Dubscene , Home of Run Things Records est.1992 founded by Wayne Lonesome Brown- Recording Artist/Producer/human rights activist.who fight for the rights of the masses of poor people ,

his Run Things Records label work with the biggest set of authentic Reggae/dance hall super stars and veteran artist.

Wayne Lonesome is one of Jamaican advocate, who expose and burn out Jamaican police brutality ,corrupted police and politicians .
exposing their criminality .

wayne Lonesome short bio

Wayne “Lonesome” Brown started in the early 80’s his career. He used to DJ on Sound System in his community of Rockford, east Kingston where he was born and grew up. In 1986 he recorded his first single followed by a host of other singles and albums on various record labels. In 1992 he formed his own record label “Run Things Records” followed by two other labels “Earth Don” & “Excel” where he produced his own music plus several recording Artists. He also promoted stage shows and dances, in Jamaica and Barbados, St. Lucia, UK and USA.
Wayne Lonesome is a Hardcore Dancehall DJ & Lyricist



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