Breaking News: Bodycam video shows police officers dragging Black paraplegic man out of his car

A Black paraplegic man from Ohio has filed a complaint with the NAACP after video showed police officers pulling him out of his car by his hair and arms during a traffic stop late last month.

“They dragged me to their vehicle like a dog, like trash,” Clifford Owensby, 39, recalled at a news conference Sunday.

Owensby accused the Dayton Police Department (DPD) of profiling, unlawful arrest, illegal search and seizure, and failure to read him his rights before being taken to jail, Dayton Unit NAACP President Derrick Forward said at the news conference.

On Friday, DPD released a nearly 12-minute video of the body camera footage taken from the September 30 incident.

Officers called for a Narcotics Detection K-9 unit because they observed Owensby leave a suspected drug house in the area that they had been monitoring, Dayton Police Major Brian Johns said in a recorded briefing.

He added that based on his past felony drug and weapons history coupled with their observation that he had left the residence in question, the officers requested a narcotics Detection K-9 to conduct a free-air sniff on the vehicle.

“Dayton Police Department policy requires the occupants of the vehicle to exit for their own safety and safety of the K-9 officer to perform this free-air sniff,” Johns said.

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Source : CNN

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