Brookfield Bank Funds Business Tools For 10 Black Entrepreneurs


BROOKFIELD, WI— North Shore Bank announced funding for 10 Black entrepreneurs to access tools, experts and support to start and grow a business, the bank said in a news release.

The funding is through a partnership with The Lonely Entrepreneur, a nonprofit that empowers current and aspiring Black entrepreneurs.

Through its call for applications, the bank will provide funding for 10 applicants to receive one year of free access to The Lonely Entrepreneur’s “Learning Community.”

The Learning Community provides the following

  • 24/7 community access to other entrepreneurs.
  • Group coaching with experts.
  • 350 learning modules.
  • Templates needed for business growth.
  • Vendor reviews and discounts.

The 10 funded entrepreneurs will also receive a dedicated North Shore Bank commercial banker to answer questions and offer solutions to help grow their businesses.

Black entrepreneurs can apply on the North Shore Bank website by Oct. 15 to be considered.

The bank has a goal to empower 100,000 Black entrepreneurs. As of September, more than 18,000 emerging businesses nationwide have received access to and have benefited from the Learning Community, the bank said.

North Shore Bank, headquartered in Brookfield, is a mutual savings bank with 45 offices throughout eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.


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