Business owner plans to highlight Omaha’s Black-owned businesses with index


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A Black-owned radio station wants to introduce Black-owned businesses to the entire Omaha-metro area.

William King is the owner of 95.7 The BOSS and host of The BOSS Morning show. He’s talking about putting a list of Black-owned businesses together that updates to list new Black-owned businesses for all of the Omaha-metro to see.

“To let people know that Black businesses exist here and they can go to this website to find out all types of services from a to z,” said King.

Ital Vital Living sells healthy juices and smoothies. They’re one of the new businesses in North Omaha open for less than six months.

The owners say social media has helped their businesses and another outlet to get their name out would help.

“Lately we’ve been doing meetings on 24th and Lake just about exposure, how we could come together put our name on the map because a lot of people don’t know about us. It’s all about just word of mouth,” said Business Owner Imani Murray.

Sarah Anderson lives in La Vista and she made the 20 minute drive to buy smoothies. Sarah thinks a complete list of Black businesses would be helpful.

“There are great businesses down here and just this being one of them, it would be great for everybody to know what’s down here,” said Anderson.

King wants his list to include all Black-owned businesses in every part of the city and that list will include business owners who are making a new home in Omaha.

“We have a lot of new immigrants from Africa and we want to include them in our business so we can recognize them so we can start doing business together.”

Martine Quartey is the co-host of The BOSS Morning show and a business owner, she points out that all Black-owned businesses are not located in the Black community.

“And let the community know that we have a Black business owner that’s doing taxes, we have a Black business owner that is doing drug testing, we have a Black business owner that’s doing photography. As business owners, we try our best to market ourselves to let the people know but sometimes that’s not enough,” said Quartey.

King has scheduled an awards program to feature the community’s favorite Black-owned business. That program is on Saturday, Oct. 30 at the Creighton Harper Center.

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