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Already Lara Croft rode on a CCM in the movie Tomb Raider 2001, now Scarlett Johansson will climb on the CCM Spitfire Blackout as Black Widow. However, stuntrider Sarah Lezito will partly do the stunts on the motorcycle.
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The special model of the scrambler comes in a friendly black, peppered with details in red. The frame has been powder coated in the dark base color. Clevis, cylinder head cover, shock absorber and other details form the red contrast.

The 19 inch front wheel, as well as the 17 inch rear wheel was equipped with knubby tires. The single-cylinder engine was not mechanically modified, but got a new electronic tuning for the special model. However, the power remains at 55 HP and 50 Nm.
The seat was covered with black suede and stitched with red seams. Red details can also be found on the tank. It holds 14 liters.

The CCM Spitfire Blackout will be optionally available in various option packages. The price starts at around 9.980 €.



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