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Have you ever wondered if Section 8 tenants tear up your property if you rent to them? Most landlords are scared, nervous or are simply uneducated when it comes to government subsidized tenants. Some real estate investors think all section 8 tenants are dirty and don’t take care of the property just because the government is paying the rent for them. Yes, there are a lot of bad tenants on Section 8, but most Investors don’t have any idea how to not only rent to section 8 tenants, but how to find the good people that will take care of the property.
Well, all section 8 tenants aren’t bad. In my experience most of them are pretty good people. They just need a positive landlord to give them a chance. In this video we’ll show you the truth about how section 8 tenants left my property when they moved out so you can make an educated decision to chose to list your house on the local Housing Choice Voucher Program or not.

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00:00- Intro
0:58 – Take a look at the neighborhood and surrounding houses
2:01 – Let’s go inside to see the foyer, the kitchen and look at the frige
4:54 – Go to the living room and the carpet
5:47 – What did they leave in the back yard
7:19 – Let’s go upstairs to the bedrooms
8:31 – The primary bathroom, we always use tile

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