Dwayne Johnson Details His “Historic” Debut Rap Verse


In the midst of shooting and/or promoting no less than three projects due out over the next few months, Dwayne Johnson found time to record his rap debut.

The actor released his verse on rapper Tech N9ne‘s new single “FACE OFF” via Twitter on Saturday, proudly proclaim his gratitude for not being horrible.

Johnson tells Variety that, after turning down requests from his famous Hip-Hop friends for years, the request he received from Tech N9ne – one of the most successful independent artists and label heads in Hip-Hop – felt right.

When Tech texted me, I knew I would make this work,” he explained We’re aligned, just in terms of our work ethic and desire. When Tech and I first met years ago on the set of ‘Ballers,’ we were talking about this idea about being the hardest worker in the room. He said something that I really appreciated: basically, ‘There could never be enough food in this room or on this set that could make me full because I always want to be hungry.’ I just love that.”

While Tech helped with structuring the verse, the writing was all Johnson. With a little help from his Teremana Tequila.

“One take,” he boasts. “I was drinking Teremana, so I had already been a bit lit and was ready to go. We sent it to Tech and his engineers and the text I got back from Tech, in all capital letters, was ‘F— yes!!!!’”

Unfortunately, fans on Twitter were nowhere near as impressed.

Check out the full song below.


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