Enterprising neighbors Steketee, Scholten and Boone


Andries Steketee, Hendrikus Scholten and Gerrit Boone were enterprising neighbors.

In 1849, Andries bought land from Albertus Van Raalte on the Black River and Black Lake where he built a house and a business. His business was to transport barrel staves, shingles and other wood products from the Holland-area to Chicago and other destinations.

Because of Black Lake’s narrow channel, product would be loaded onto flatboats and transported across Black Lake and then re-loaded onto one of his two ships anchored on Lake Michigan.

Steve VanderVeen

In 1851, Andries built a large two-story brick house at 1811 112th Avenue, likely the first Veneklasen brick house in Holland.

Even though Van Raalte asked Andries to write to emigrants in an effort to persuade them to settle in Holland (in this instance instead of Kalamazoo), in 1855, Andries sold his dock, boat, business and house to Hendrikus (Rykelt) Scholten and moved to Grand Haven, likely to give himself access to a larger, more reliable and unobstructed shipping channel — and one that didn’t require the use of flatboats.


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