“Starting to create accountability partners, those people who you can be vulnerable with and being able to utilize them regularly and strategically to say, ‘Hey, you said you were going to do this. Did it happen?’” Omalara Uwemedimo, MD, MPH

In today’s episode, Coach Gabriella Dennery MD talks with with pediatrician and entrepreneur Dr. Omalara Uwemedimo. Dr. Omolara Thomas Uwemedimo is CEO and founder of Melanin & Medicine and works as an empowerment coach and career transition strategist to provide Black women physicians & other health professionals with support through community, courses, and coaching. She has worked as a board-certified pediatrician for over 15 years and an academic faculty for over a decade, mentoring women in medicine, who have been marginalized and minoritized. As a career transition strategist, she provides women with culturally-informed strategies and systems to reduce burnout, achieve personal and professional fulfillment, rediscover their purpose, and ultimately, achieve their vision for life, without struggle or sacrifice. Dr. Uwemedimo discusses her entrepreneurial journey and how she has found success and fulfillment while also guiding other women to do the same.

Her career has been defined by a passion for social justice, being an advocate, a professor, and a researcher committed to health equity for both patients and providers. She has worked as a global physician across sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. From this work, she founded Strong Children Wellness, an innovative family practice that addresses both unmet health and social needs for families in New York City.

You can find Dr. Uwemedimo on her website melaninandmedicine.co/resources,
on Facebook at melaninmedicineco, on Twitter at dromolara, on LinkedIn at omolaramd, on Instagram at melaninmedicineco, on YouTube at Melanin, Medicine & Motherhood with Dr. Omolara or you can email her at hello@omolaramd.com

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