Experts Make 5 Predictions for Black Friday 2021 | Business


But unlike Black Friday events before the pandemic, spread-out savings opportunities don’t mean shoppers should wait to shop in anticipation of better deals to come. Lambert said retailers are starting to communicate to consumers that they should start buying for the holiday season now, in light of global shipping bottlenecks.

“My number one tip: Shop now,” Lambert said. “Order that special gift for that special someone today. And even then, anticipate and expect the worst — but hope for the best.”

You might not be guaranteed to receive your purchases before Christmas.

5. Persuasion will persist

Finally, it wouldn’t be Black Friday without a little bit of pressure. Remember, retailers want you to buy that shiny new whatever-it-might-be, even if you don’t necessarily need it.

Isaac says retailers make a substantial percentage of their yearly revenues during this 75- to 90-day period, “so they’re going to do everything they can to try to get you to shop, as long as they have the product.”

If you choose to shop during this year’s unique version of Black Friday, traditional shopping advice will still apply.

Stay alert to persuasion tactics — like good deals that reel you in and tempt you to act on other, not-so-good deals. Aim to stick to a physical or mental list of things you actually need. And make a budget before you buy a single thing.


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