FULL INTERVIEW – Everything Comes Down to a Choice w/ Marcell Russell LIFE WORKS Podcast, MarkBotros

R&B Star, Marcell Russell shares his incredibly pragmatic insights on Life, Business, Wealth, and our most important asset – Time.

00:00 FULL INTERVIEW – Everything Comes Down to a Choice with Marcell Russell
00:10 Mark’s Opening question and Monologue
01:11 Is it a good time to be Black in America today?
02:53 The Flea and the Jar – The limits we place on ourselves
03:45 Two incidents
05:04 White Supremacy is Narcissism
05:55 Superiority over Melanin…Really
06:40 The Black Community is the 10th Wealthiest Nation in the World
07:15 Ignorance and Fear is passed down
08:53 You don’t have 24 hours in a
09:13 Why fathers matter
10:48 Wealth is lost within 2 generations
11:28 Take care of your own house first
12:54 Sentiment in the Black Community
16:10 2020 in the Black Community
16:29 I got pulled over 5-8 times per year
17:55 It’s not because you’re black
18:48 The real colors you need to worry about are not black and white
19:12 The positive things never get mentioned
20:04 White people are saying I’m sorry, and are asking, “what do you want me to do?”
21:11 What Marcell really thinks of Black Lives Matter (BLM)
21:44 Where is BLM’s money going?
23:27 I’m proud about what blacks are doing
24:17 Misconceptions about the black community
26:52 They clump groups together
27:50 Blaxploitation and efforts to undermine the Black Community
30:33 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives – a good idea?
33:14 The Victim Agenda
33:55 The New Slavery
34:20 A United Black Community – what would that look like?
35:43 Trends in the Black Community
37:04 Real Wealth
37:33 Taakeaways from 2020
38:15 To be continued…

R&B Star, @MarcellsSoul (Twitter) shares not-so-common-sense insights on Life, Business, Wealth, and our most important asset – Time. Don’t Miss it Marcell Russell is a man of many many talents. A minister turned professional musician, Marcell experienced a meteoric rise in the music industry. Having written over 800 songs, he became the most awarded independent R&B artist in the city of Baltimore, Maryland –Getting critical acclaim from BET, The People’s Choice Awards, and ECHOES magazine, just to name a few. In fact, the music industry nicknamed him “The Voice” – and he was The Voice BEFORE it was a hit reality TV show.

Today, he’s the CEO of a 50 person financial services firm. As a minister, musician, and entrepreneur, Marcell’s insights on life, wealth, and business are unique and worth listening to.

To connect with Marcell: Instagram: @marcellthevoice (Instagram)

To connect with Mark Botros, MBA PMP ITIL : https://marble.app/markbotros

Music Credit: Theme: “Fond Memories” – SYBS Preview: “Lifelong” – Anno Domini Beats

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