How to Add a Business Listing

Instructions: How to Add a Business Listing on Viablac

  • Create an account.
  • Click on add a listing. 
  • What type of listing you’d like to add? (Choose Business.)  
  • Choose a package. 

Listing Details 

  • Add a title: E.g., ” The Blow Out Bar.”
  • Add a tagline: E.g., ” Haircare on the go.” (paid ads only)
  • Tell us about your business: (describe services offered)
  • Tell us about your business story: I.e., (Inspire potential future entrepreneurs.) optional (paid ads only)
  • Specialties: I.e., (Tell us what your company specializes in.) optional (paid ads only)
  • Business Categories: choose one or multiple business categories related to the services that you provide.
  • Tags/Amenities: select or create Tags/Amenities that apply to your business. optional (paid ads only)
  • Add Logo: (recommended image size 150×150, jpeg format) optional 
  • Add A Business Cover Image: (recommended image size 1584×396  jpeg format).
  • Business Photos: (recommended image size 1080×1080, jpeg format). optional 
  • Price Range: E.g., “$.” optional (paid ads only)

Contact Information

  • Business Email: E.g., “info@blowoutbar.com” (paid ads only)
  • Phone Number: E.g., “702-236-0000.”
  • Website: E.g., (paid ads only) “https://www.yourwebsite.com” optional
  • Add Social Network Links: E.g., “https://www.instagram.com/mybusiness” optional (paid ads only)

Upload Video 

  • Add Video URL: E.g., “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=your video” optional. (paid ads only)

Business Operating Hours & Timezone

  • Business Hours: Be sure to enter hours for each day, E.g.” {Mon} from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm {Tue} from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.” optional
  •  Timezone: Choose a timezone, E.g.,” America/New_York.”

Location Details & Business Address 

  • Location Details: E.g., ” Located on the far east side of the Fashion Mall, next to Eddies Cookies.” Optional 
  • Address: Adjust map location pin if necessary

Related Listings (paid ads only)

  • Showcase your Event Listing: (must have an event listing to use this feature, learn more about creating an Event listing click here) optional.
  • Showcase your Job Listing: (must have a job listing to use this feature, learn more about creating a Job listing click here) optional.

Click Submit Listing.