How to Add a Job Listing

Instructions: How to Add a Job Listing on Viablac

  • Create an account.
  • Click on add a listing. 
  • What type of listing you’d like to add? (Choose Jobs.)  
  • Choose the free package.

Listing Details 

  • Add a Job title: E.g., ” Auto Mechanic.”
  • Full Job description: (describe job duties)
  • Company Profile: I.e., (Tell us about company activities, mission, goals, and strengths.) optional
  • Benefits: I.e., (Employee incentives your company offers.) optional

Company Logos & Photos

  • Add a Company Logo : (recommended image size 150×150, and jpeg format) optional 
  • Add Company Images: (recommended image size 1080×1080, and jpeg format). optional 

Company Contact Information

  • Contact Email: E.g., “info@Autoworks.com” 
  • Phone Number: E.g., “702-236-0000.” optional
  • Website: E.g., “https://www.yourwebsite.com” optional
  •  Social Network: E.g., “https://www.instagram.com/mybusiness” optional

Positions Available 

  • Category: E.g., “Skilled Trade.”


  • Job Salary: (choose relative pay) optional 


  • Job Qualifications: E.g., “Specialty Skills Required” optional 

Job Type

  • Job Vacancy type: E.g.,” Full time.”


  • Address: E.g., ” 1235 York Blvd, Las Vegas NV, 89118
Click Submit Listing.