How to Add an Event Listing

Instructions: How to Add an Event Listing on Viablac

  • Create an account.
  • Click on add a listing. 
  • What type of listing you’d like to add? (Choose Events.)  


  • Categories: (Choose one or multiple categories that relate to the event), E.g., “Summit.”
  • Event title: E.g., ” 2022 Black Entrepreneur Summit”
  • Tagline: E.g., “Best Marketing Strategies of 2022” optional
  • Event Description: (describe event)
  • Special Guest: (Showcase Guest, Performers, Speakers, etc.)
  • Venue: (Place where the event will take place), E.g.,” Madison Convention Center.” optional
  • Hosted By: E.g., “Shirley Davis” optional
  • Event Date(s): (you’re allowed to add up to 5 dates)

Additional Info 

  • Event Guidelines: E.g., “Dress code, Special services, etc.” optional 
  • Event Fees: E.g., “Ticket Range $15-$35” optional

Event Location

  • Address: E.g., ” 134 7th st Conway Blvd, Chicago, Il,12345.”

Logos| Photos | Video

  •  Logo: Upload a logo (recommended image size 150×150, jpeg format) optional 
  • Cover Image: Upload a cover image (recommended image size 1080×396,jpeg format). optional 
  • Photos: Upload up to 10 photos (recommended image size 700×700,jpeg format). optional 
  • Video: Add a video url, E.g., “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=your video” optional.

Contact Information

  • Add Phone: E.g., “302-236-0000.” optional
  • Add Email: E.g., “info@bes.com” optional
  • Website: E.g., “https://www.yourwebsite.com” optional
  •  Social Network : E.g., “https://www.instagram.com/myevent” optional

Event Links

  • Ticket Purchase Links: E.g.,”https://www.ticketmaster.com”optional
  • Registration Link: E.g., “Link to a landing page”optional 
  • Join Event Link: ( Use for Virtual/Online Events) optional 
  • Attach a Business/Sponsor: (Add a Related Business)

Click Submit Listing.