introduction: black feminism eco-entrepreneurship

Filmed: using a digital hand held, the quality is basic.
Location: filmed in an urban global super city in the global economic north.
Technical: natural light.
Music/ Theme Song: you can get it if you really want. by Jimmy Cliff.

VIDEO TITLE: introduction: black feminism eco-entrepreneurship

black feminism from the USA reminds us to question systems that lead to differential experiences. by differential, what is meant is that, it refers to experiences that perpetuate violence to people in under-resourced communities. one aspect of empowerment that USA black feminism explores, is economic empowerment related to improving quality of life in terms of economic sharing, building capital and having healthy and happy families. how exactly can we begin to apply USA black feminism in the global green work/ economy?

1. mobilize around economic empowerment.
2. question the participation of under-resourced communities in good paying green work.
3. get involved in issues related to air, land, water, soil and human health.
4. come up with your own spin on things.

1. engage with tings that you experience that may lead to cumulative impacts related to your work. for example, i share my experiences with racial profiling, and how that impacts the development of my good paying quality of life work, related to schools, and business. share your experience, what is it?

(note: for some, if you want to learn more about some of my experiences with “profiling” in a negative way, i have some videos on here about that stuff. it makes me sick to re-live experiences of being hurt and to have configured systems repeat, and laugh about the violence, the scars and additional is a convention of international human rights doctrines. on the other hand, we have to keep on moving with the development of our niche related to knowledge-production and additional).

2. identify experiences with inter-generational colonial residue.
3. come up with problems and also propose multiple-discipline generational solutions.
4. put your spin on things, how can your work related to green economic empowerment say something unique about you?

(note: i will be making my stuff more accessible, and will NOT have digital books. i want to remain respectful to communities in the world being impacted by excessive electronics consumption in the economic north. taking that paper book to a camp fire, or sitting by the beach with a good paper book, is being respectful to those who have and continue to loset their lives from consumption and greed habits related to the global economic north).

KEY QUESTION: how do we apply black feminism ethics in environmental work?

SOLUTION: economic empowerment for black women, black men, women, men and queer communities, in under-sourced communities, can happen by getting involved with environmental work. one way to get involved is through eco-entrepreneurship. there are many terms for this, the intent is to be green and ethical, to mean to: do no harm to air, land, water, soil and human health.

there are problems with the green movement when for example there exists, something called environmental justice (EJ) communities. Dr. Robert Bullard speaks about EJ communities, in all his work. also, the existence of EJ communities, means there is a problem with mainstream environmental work, because existence of disconnected with experiences of under-resourced communities, is not interconnected. remember everything is connected. for some respect to nature is part of culture. for others, they want to learn about connections to nature.

1. Patricia Hill Collins. “Black Feminist Thought”.
2. Rachel Carson. “Silent Spring”.
3. Robert Bullard. “Unequal Protection: Environmental Justice and Communities of Color.”
4. Maxine Hyndman. The Organic Entrepreneur: Cultivating the Conscious Capitalist.
5. Van Jones. “The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems”.
6. Your niche.

(please note: USA black feminism does not support tearing off bras and bashing men. the focus is on systems/ structures, and empowerment through economic sharing and improved quality of life. quality of life, means self-sufficiency, dignity and social responsibility. black feminism does not promote tings related to eco-terrorism, or promote ideas to get arrested because getting arrested as a publicity stunt does not improve the quality of life).

usa black feminism, economic empowerment, women’s economic empowerment, critical feminist eco-entrepreneurship, matrix of domination, social responsibility, economic sharing, economics, economic participation, black eco-empowerment, environmental justice (EJ)

*and cite your sources, always. ;0)



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