Is content marketing a good career?

Remote content marketing is a rewarding career. Many new online businesses are starting up, and an excellent way to drive traffic is by content marketing. This marketing campaign allows the audience to know more about the brand’s products and services. Thus, with this career, you will get plenty of job opportunities that will enable you to work from home. Imagine working from home without having to commute each morning? It can be a fantastic experience which can save you a lot of money and transportation time. The bonus is, many remote content marketing jobs pay well.

Content Manager $58k and up

Do you have a passion for editing content? Then, being a content manager is a good career choice. A content manager performs a lot of responsibilities. From content production to supervision and distribution, you will perform various tasks. You will engage in hiring content creators, edit copies, and promote the content.
The good thing is that managing the content is a rewarding job. The average salary of a content manager is $63,000 annually. However, the salary depends on your location. For instance, a content manager in the US receives compensation of $ 58,300 per year while other places pay more.

SEO Specialist $46k and up

Becoming a search engine marketer is a promising career since the SEO industry is diverse. The SEO specialist’s main aim is to increase traffic to a site by enhancing page rank within search engines. In other words, the specialist will analyze and change the website design to make it optimized for search engines.
If you are a problem solver, becoming an SEO specialist is a good idea. You will develop SEO content, test different search engine marketing techniques, and customize the site’s layout.
The average salary of a professional SEO specialist is $46,020.

Social Media Manager $30k and up

Do you wish to have an annual salary that ranges from $30,300-$52,700? Then being a social media manager is a good solution. All you need is to have a creative mindset and remain on top of the latest digital marketing trends. 

A social media manager performs more than just distributing content of different brands. He/she creates sharable videos and images, manages social media partnerships with big companies, monitors, and responds to social media users’ comments. Also, they formulate different digital marketing campaigns and analyze data from those campaigns.

Copywriter $53k and up

If you love writing and can see things from a different perspective, you need to entertain the thoughts of being a copywriter. A copywriter creates engaging content to promote products and services for various brands.
He/she must be creative to develop unique and error-free content. The good thing about being a copywriter is that the salary varies based on the level of experience and area of expertise. But an average salary of a copywriter is $53,060.
Remote content marketing has diverse opportunities. You can choose an area that matches your skills and enjoy the convenience of working from home. Other job opportunities for content marketing involves:
Email marketing
Affiliate marketing