Jacob Van Putten and Cornelis Ver Schure


The Van Putten family — like the Harringtons, Keppels and Posts — was another family of early Holland business leaders.

Jacob Van Putten II was born in The Netherlands in 1820. He married Maria Hilleman and together they had six children: Tannetje (Van Putten) Ver Schure in 1852, Jacob J. Van Putten III in 1855 (known as “Black Jake” because of his hair and to distinguish him from his cousin), Adrianus Van Putten in 1857, Leendert Van Putten in 1860, Maria (Van Putten) Nyland in 1862 and Marinus Van Putten in 1864.

Steve VanderVeen

Jacob got his start when he purchased present day Waukazoo Woods and lumbered the trees at his mill near Maple Avenue and Eighth Street.

In 1860, he (along with E.J. Harrington and another partner) started the first steam-powered passenger and shipping service on Black Lake.

Nathan Kenyan and Jacob Van Putten opened their bank in 1878 in a small frame building at 30 W. Eighth St. — where Fris Supply Shop is today. Van Putten’s son, Marinus, and son-in-law, Cornelis Ver Schure, worked at the bank.


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