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00:00 BRZRKR:
We haven’t even seen Keanu Reeves in the long-awaited “Matrix” sequel and “John Wick 4 & 5” so far, and yet the much sought-after actor has already been signed up for two more projects. We’re talking about the comic adaptation “BRZRKR”, in which he will not only play the leading actor and producer, but also the writer. Together with comic author Matt Kindt, Reeves conceived the storyline and published it as a comic for the first time earlier this month. The ominous title of the work is a spelling of the word “berserker”, just like the main character of the story who bears the same name, or rather the nickname “B”…https://kinocheck.com/news/hgvqd8

01:27 John Wick 4:
The “John Wick” series is usually associated with a rainy night in New York City and a storyline that takes the protagonist to all corners of the world. The upcoming “John Wick: Chapter 4” will be no different, quite the opposite: as Collider magazine found out, the main settings of the 4th part are Berlin and Paris with additional trips to New York City and Japan. John Wick AND Keanu Reeves are at least very familiar with Berlin, because while the Baba Yaga often has business matters to take care of in the German capital, Keanu also lived there for a few months during the shooting of “Matrix 4″…https://kinocheck.com/news/f26afs

02:40 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City:
The quality of the “Resident Evil” movies released so far is debatable: either you celebrate the action-packed blockbusters, or you miss the horror factor and the thematic relevance to the video game originals. Director Johannes Roberts has now announced the official title of the reboot, which is based on the two highly praised first parts of the video game franchise, to be “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City“…https://kinocheck.com/news/l9a03k

03:31 The Witcher 2:
As Netflix announced on Twitter last Monday, a total of seven new actors have been cast for the upcoming second season of “The Witcher”. The two most prominent characters, named Dijkstra and Rience, will be portrayed by Graham McTavish and Chris Fulton. While the clever Dijkstra acts as the head of the Redanian Intelligence, the powerful mage Rience presumably targets Geralt’s foster daughter Ciri and the Witcher himself…https://kinocheck.com/news/m9v32h

04:37 Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate in Black Adam:
Between 1995 and 2002, Pierce Brosnan acted four times as the world-famous MI6 agent James Bond. Surprisingly for many fans, it has now been announced that we will soon be seeing the 67-year-old in front of the camera as Dwayne Johnson’s adversary in the upcoming “Black Adam”. After many years of silence around the Bond actor, he will now celebrate his comeback into the highly anticipated A-List films with the role of the magician Doctor Fate…https://kinocheck.com

06:14 The Flash:
Next year it’s happening: “The Flash” with Ezra Miller and Michael Keaton will hit theaters. At least that’s what many fans think, but as Keaton now revealed in an interview with Deadline, it could be a tight squeeze for his Batman appearance. He stated that he is very busy right now and that he has already called the executives of “The Flash” to ask for their understanding regarding any scheduling conflicts on Keaton’s part. He is currently very involved in his current projects and has not yet had time to strike a deal with the producers behind “The Flash”…https://kinocheck.com/news/nsdyd6

07:28 Black Widow, Cruella, Luca:
It seems as though Disney+ is currently on a similar path as competitor provider HBO Max. One reason for this is an announcement by Disney, which revealed the release of “Black Widow” and “Cruella” via video-on-demand. The two new releases will be available as VIP titles on the movie company’s own streaming service at the same time as the theatrical release…https://kinocheck.com/news/a2fmpx
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