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Buying long-tail keyword research? No Results? You are wasting your money. This Keyword research gig is a vital part of SEO & should be the #1 goal for any serious webmaster or business owner; without it, you can't get valuable traffic or conversions! Finally, improve your ranking & increase your traffic.

Easily rank at the TOP of Google with little effort & investment. You cannot afford to waste time.

Let me discover the hidden words others can't by researching your competition. Actually, with these keywords, you are the biggest competition. Join my team of superiority. Then, let me handpick the best words in which no flimsy software can do.

With this gig research you get:

  • Niche words with a weak competition that's proven to have targeted traffic in real-time, supercharging your conversions.
  • Best exact match niche domains¬†(upon request).
  • No amazing, excellent, good, bad, terrible column. Just a fantastic SEO report & much more.
  • PLUS My Exclusive Bonus!

Instead of wasting BIG money on SEO with worthless Keywords, get straight to the point and rank.

Only the best for my clients! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Hello! I'm a valley girl from California & a Georgia Peach. I've mastered SEO and excel at keyword research. I've also ranked many videos & websites. This is your one-stop shop when it comes to your internet marketing needs. Finally, the power in helping you rank is now at your fingertips! P.S I finally graduated! B.A in Business-Psych!


What is the premium $110 no restraint package?

The no restraint package is where I find the best keywords for all of your websites without restricting them to a number of words. This package is ideal for those with 10 sections on their website. If you have over 10, please message me first. Included: 20 minutes of limited support and website audit.

What's the next step?

Many customers ask me this question. Firstly, I recommend getting my SEO audit (upon request). This is a starting SEO report to get the best advice for ranking for ($15). Also, know that it is 100% normal to not know where to start.

How do I optimize for the best rankings?

Well, this depends on your site and your competitors. Let's do a $15 analysis for you and we can figure out the best way together. Free support and an overview of the competitor analysis are always given.

How long does it take to rank?

Once you are indexed (2-3 days), you will be on pages 6 - 10. I recommend getting my support package and my recommended SEO servicer to help you further. Google is smart, so please give it time.

How are your keywords different from everyone else?

I am different because I actually care. I want to help you and I want you to rank. I like quality, I like realness. I want you to succeed just as much as I have and MORE. Keyword research and SEO is my passion. It's my purpose. I have seen the power of ranking & I want you to see it too.

I got your gig, but I still haven't ranked? WTF?

Hmm, tricky. Let me take a look at it for you. Many things can keep one from ranking, whether it's spam, penalities, website speed, poor optimization. Many things. I can look into what's going on and guide you on how to fix it through my support package. :)

Do you provide SEO services?

I only do keyword research at this moment. Once ordered, I can provide my favorite SEO servicer(s) for only $140 - $195! Sweet huh? They're usually $300+. I like their service because their style is very close to mine. They will be revealed only after ordering

Do you cover keywords for Youtube, Amazon, or eBay?

At the moment, I provide keywords for SEO, Youtube, and Etsy. I do provide Adwords phrases, but only as insight to competitors and not the difficulty details of each phrase. I do not do keywords for Facebook ads or Youtube Ads.

I don't know my niche.

Not to worry! I have a "Niche Focus Finder" gig extra for $45.  I will help you find a focused profitable niche that will bring traffic and produce content they want to see. :)

What tools do you use for keyword research?

I mainly use Ahrefs and Semrush. Then, I have a plethora of techniques and some other programs to better check competition. This leads to higher accuracy in difficulty, which is why the keywords are so easy to rank. Samples can be requested. :)
Pricing Packages

Basic Package (only research)$45

100 keywords SEO starter Fastest Ranking (only research) Limited Support 20 minutes

4 Days Delivery
  • Website Audit
  • 10 Competitors Researched

Standard Package (only research)$85

200 keywords. Begin to advance. Fastest Ranking (only research) Limited Support 20 minutes

5 Days Delivery
  • Website Audit
  • 15 Competitors Researched
300+ vital keywords without restricting it to a number. Please, look in the FAQs for details.
5 Days Delivery
  • Website Audit
  • 20 Competitors Researched

Georgia, United States

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