Meet the Woman Helping Kids to Become Bosses With the Junior CEO Business Fair and Conference


Teresa Baker has a natural passion for entrepreneurship and instilled it into her children early on.

Teaching the importance of business ownership to her own children inspired Baker to take her passion to the next level with the inaugural Junior CEO Business Fair and Conference.

The hybrid two-day cutting-edge business fair and conference taking place from October 16 – 17 is designed to develop young entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs between the ages 8-17 as they pursue their journey to become thriving business owners.

Children who attend the event will benefit from a wealth of information and get a head start on building their network. Registrants will get marketplace experience, get industry insight from successful local young entrepreneurs, and attend business-building workshops on financing, banking, and business ethics.

“The mission of the conference is to enable economic development in inner cities through children’s entrepreneurship,” Baker told BLACK ENTERPRISE. “The conference vision is to be a leading business hub for children entrepreneurs.”

With the conference target being minors, Baker assures parents that their business-minded children will be left in good hands.

“Children and parents will participate in workshops that are centered around the importance of trademarking a business; how to get products in stores; and how to build a business from the ground up by implementing cost-saving methods,” Baker said. “We want families to leave our conference, empowered.”

It was after scaling her company Brown Boy Brown Girl when Baker felt compelled to teach other families how to do the same.

“I started our business Brown Boy Brown Girl in 2015. Next month our products, multicultural children’s notebooks, will be in 75 stores across the country,” she said. “We will share our journey with the expectation of teaching families how to do the same.”

For parents who might be skeptical about allowing their child to attend the inaugural conference, Baker said parents should keep an open mind when raising a child interested in business.

“While it is our hope that families work with their children on business ideas, parents should keep it light and not stress over a potential business venture,” she said. “Parents can look at it as a fun and educational experience.”

What started out as just an idea through her company Brown Boy Brown Girl, has finally come to life and Baker couldn’t be happier.

“This will be our inaugural year and I am looking forward to making an impact,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if we have 20 families in attendance or 100. What’s important is that the information they receive is something they can use moving forward in their journey.”

Interested in attending the Junior CEO Business Fair and Conference, click HERE.


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