Michael Jordan’s incredible net worth of $1.6bn can make him buy any Premier League club


Michael Jordan still has an astonishing net worth of $1.6billion despite retiring from basketball in 2003, meaning the NBA legend could technically buy any Premier League club

Michael Jordan remains the highest-paid athlete in sports history with a staggering net worth of $1.6billion (£1.2billion) – which would allow him to buy any Premier League football club he wishes.

Jordan, a cultural icon regarded by many as the greatest NBA player of all time, amassed an incredible fortune during his legendary stint with the Chicago Bulls in which he claimed six NBA championships.

According to Forbes, the New York-born shooting guard collected $90million (£66million) in wages throughout his basketball career, but sponsorship deals with the likes of Nike, Hanes and Gatorade earned him an even more eye-watering $1.8billion (£1.3billion).

He collaborated with Nike to produce the Air Jordan sneakers, which proved an instant hit across the globe and remain popular today.

MJ has also starred as himself in the famous live-action animated film Space Jam, played a central role in the Emmy Award-winning documentary miniseries The Last Dance and become part-owner of the Charlotte Hornets NBA team.

As a result, his net worth still stands at a frighteningly-healthy $1.6billion.

And that means if he wanted to, Jordan could have his pick of any football club in the Premier League.

According to figures from TransfermarktManchester City are the English top-flight club with the highest market value at £970million, which MJ would be able to afford.

In fact, he would almost have enough money to buy both City and the second most valuable team – arch-rivals Manchester United – who are said to be worth £817million.

Chelsea have the third highest market value with £801million, coming before Liverpool (£780million), Tottenham (£627million) and Arsenal (£507million).

The other remaining clubs are all worth less than £500million, meaning Jordan could at least buy them three times over.

Astonishingly, his net worth would allow him to buy as many as eight Premier League teams.

The eight least valuable clubs in the division – Brighton, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Newcastle, Brentford, Norwich, Watford and Burnley – are worth a combined £1.5billion.

So should he ever be tempted to venture into English football, MJ would have the pick of the bunch.

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