Musty Fly podcast, Episode 123, video highlights – Tamisa Hunter, Life Coach, Author, Entrepreneur

Video highlights of episode 123 of the Musty Fly podcast with Life Coach, Author and Entrepreneur Tamisa Hunter and Peter Black.

Tamisa Hunter is best known for empowering women and teen girls. Tamisa has been featured on Heaven 97 KHVN, PRAISE 98FM show and a number of other radio, television and print outlets such as Pose and SwagHer Magazine. She has taught at local schools speaking to at-risk teen girls about self-love and helping them know their worth.

Authentic, bold, confident + loved

A survivor of domestic violence, depression, suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse and homeliness, these harrowing experiences taught her endurance. By sharing her insight with small women groups and women-led conferences, Tamisa has become a sought-after speaker, consultant and empowerment expert. But even more, she has a story that’s grounded in overcoming the many obstacles that life has thrown her way, including overcoming low self-worth. She shares her stories to help women know that no matter what has happened, the test is their testimony. She uses her testimony, faith & God’s Word as her foundation.

Listen to episode 123 in its entirety, https://mustyfly.podbean.com/e/episode-123-tamisa-hunter-life-coach-author/

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