No Days Off: From Layoff to Entrepreneurship

Join me for my last LinkedIn live show for February!

This month, I highlighted black entrepreneurs that do so much for the community! To end February on a high note, meet my friend, Tone Oliver, a Father, Actor, Motivational Performer & Creative Director. He is the MAN behind my Linkedin Live intro that you see every time you tune in to my show, he not only written and perform “No Days,” but he also edited the video! Talk about MULTITALENTED!

Tone Oliver is a creative artist from Los Angeles. The 33-year-old long-time MC recently transitioned to video production and film-making. As much of the film industry shut down in 2020, the video marketing industry did not. Oliver quickly began producing content on YouTube and Instagram after being laid off.

Noticing the rise in entrepreneurship amongst his peers, he began offering his services to help businesses build their brands. Now in 2021, Tone Oliver Productions is focused on helping small businesses become scaling brands with the power of video marketing, branding, and content creation.

In 2019, we met on a train ride on my commute into the city for work. He was performing on the train I was on, and his music inspired me. I invited him to Wish to perform for the event I was hosting for the non-profit that I was a part of. Now, we have a great friendship, and he has helped me build my brand.

I will be sharing his inspiring story on how he turned his layoff into a new journey with entrepreneurship. He is a talented MC and has launched a successful production company in lieu of the pandemic.

If you want to hear a great, inspiring story of how to turn your passion into a business, you have to attend this event! See you there!



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