One business hopes to grow alongside of emerging medical cannabis industry


RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -The rules for medical cannabis are expected to be published by the state sometime next month, but before pot can hit the shelves, it has to be grown here in South Dakota. The anticipation of this new agricultural industry has one local business considering the possibilities.

One of them is Black Hills Cultivation Supplies, co-owner Bryan Anderson says they mostly focus on helping local farmers and gardeners grow food. And the needs for growing supplies will soon extend to marijuana farmers, once they are given the green light to place that first seed the soil. Anderson says its an opportunity for his business to grow alongside the emerging industry.

“Our hopes were to be able to help people, a place to go and get all their products in town not using Amazon, really just helping local people out, and the local farmers, you can use any of this stuff to do any farming or growing at all,” Anderson said.

Once the rules are published, Anderson says they can start figuring out how to reach out to growers.

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