Podcast 53 Reimagining Entrepreneurship

There’s a lot of talk about “build back better” with business leaders, organisations and think tanks contributing ideas and concepts to paint the picture of a better future. However, we also need to focus on the doers – those taking action, and willing to fail, in pursuit of the reimagining of business today. In particular, at times of crisis, these entrepreneurs are seen as leaders who can emerge with new solutions and innovations that play their part in transforming society.

This week on The New P&L ‘Reimagining Entrepreneurship’ Roundtable Panel Discussion, Sana Shafi, Founder of STRIVE; Bayo Adelaja, CEO at Do it Now Now and Alice Moxley, Founder of Pivot join our guest host, social innovation leader, Kelly Bewers to explore what it means to be an entrepreneur today; who ‘gets to be one’; the challenges of, and imbalances in, access to finance and funding; and if there might be new ways to create the conditions for entrepreneurship that are much more inclusive and sustainable over the longer term.

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