Rich Black Entrepreneurs – #169 Kezia Williams, Ronne Brown, Paulla McCarthy & Derrick Grace

In our journey’s as entrepreneurs we experience some of the most incredible triumphs known to the human experience. These victories come at a great cost and the lessons learned are innumerable.

At INVESTFEST 2021, Kezia Williams, Ronne Brown, Paulla McCarthy & Derrick Grace sat down for a candid conversation about what it takes to make it in this game! We dive into:

– Why your VISION is Valid.
– How think OUTSIDE of the BOX why your business is an infant.
– When to value RELATIONSHIPS over your EGO to maximize your business success.
– Why sitting on ideas can KILL your business.
– The most EXPENSIVE MISTAKES they’ve made as entrepreneurs.
– How to create your own ECOSYSTEM.

And so much more!

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Show notes:
00:00 Podcast Preview and Sponsored By

4:41 Introducing Speakers

21:27 Commercial Break

22:20 Derrick Grace Success Formula

25:15 Paulla McCarthy Wealth Building Journey

27:51 Most Important Thing To Your Success

31:20 Keep The Blinders On

39:58 Most Expensive Mistake

49:28 Source Of The Passion

52:20 Finding Your Purpose

01:03:58 How The Money Is Used

01:08:47 Final Word Of Advice

01:17:36 Commercial Break
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