Successful Black American business leaders unfairly targeted


(NNPA NEWSWIRE)—There is an old African proverb that captures one of the challenges that too many financially successful Black business leaders face today in America. That proverb is, “Your earned riches may engender envy and jealous criticism but be not dismayed by the foolishness of the envious.”

Across the nation as business owners are attempting to recover from the COVID-19 global pandemic, African American business leaders who are defying the odds with their financial success are often targeted by “mainstream media” and others who summarily and unfairly castigate Black business leaders’ economic achievements. Is this syndrome racially motivated? The simple answer is “Yes.”

Former Congressman and past leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, The Hon. Parren Mitchell (D-MD), 1922-2007, once said in defense of Black business leaders, “There is a national systematic campaign to unfairly subjugate and to prevent the financial success of Black American businesses.”

It appears that business leaders from communities of color in the United States are being held to a different standard of business practice, ethics, and regulation. Such is the case, I believe, with respect to Jack Brown III who was recently targeted for business practice criticisms by the New York Times because of what they state are personal financial profits that Mr. Brown has earned as result of his businesses providing shelters to New York City’s homeless.

The Times emphasized, “Since 2017, as homeless has risen to record levels, the city has awarded more than $352 million to a nonprofit run by Mr. Brown to operate shelters. The money is meant to help homeless people regain their footing in life, but it has benefited Mr. Brown, too.”

Is the Times implying that there is something wrong or unethical for earning a financial profit from one’s work and business? Brown’s CORE Services’ companies, nonprofits and for-profits, have worked effectively in New York for over a decade.


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