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Welcome to the club 👋🏿 I respond to all comments from YouTube within 48hrs but I like to get to know all my commenters and subscribers so meet me on the Convoz App!🤙🏿

📱Talk 24/7 http://p.convoz.com/OaklandSunshine

💘 All Updates: https://pepprofile.com/app/profile/oaklandsunshine

For FREE Macro 7-Day Meal Plan Text Me
Text “MACRO” to (510) 390-5059

-Caloric intake requirements
-Calculating Macros
-Sample Meal Plan

———–Join My Athletic Club Each Week———-
I respond to every comment within the first 48hrs of my post.

Join My Adidas Training Club

Channel Challenge! I will do 1 pull up for every new subscriber to the channel with shoutouts.

🗓Class Schedule: https://tap.bio/@oaklandsunshine/cards/114066

🏃🏿‍♂️Adidas Training App: https://www.runtastic.com/groups/oaklandsunshine-athletic-club?share_locale=en&utm_source=runtastic.lite&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=user_generated_sharing&utm_content=group.runtastic

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Channel Challenge! I will do 1 pull up for every new subscriber to the channel.

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6460 Hollis St
Emeryville CA, 94608

🌎Join The Oaklandsunshine Athletic Club: https://tap.bio/@oaklandsunshine/cards/114066
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🌎Marketing and Promotion Consulting: https://www.am2pm.online/
📪E-Mail Me! anthony@oaklandsunshine.com (for business only)
💘 All Updates: https://pepprofile.com/app/profile/oaklandsunshine
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