The Black Business School is the ultimate HBCU for black wealth

The Black Business School is the ultimate HBCU for black people. The biggest twist is that we are 100% focused on building black wealth, black ownership, and black investing models solely focused on building the black community world-wide. That’s why we have over 150,000 students around the world.

Dr Boyce Watkins, founder of The Black Business School, is offering an exclusive opportunity for you to obtain access to a high level education in black wealth and black owned business for just a fraction of what it costs to attend an HBCU.

The problem with many universities, including HBCUs, is that they are not designed in a way that creates wealth for the black community. As a result, despite the fact that black people are getting more degrees than ever, black wealth is dropping, leading to other problems such as broken families in the black community and educational issues as well.

By partnering with other PhDs, lawyers, and business owners in the black community, The Black Business School works to develop an educational process that focuses on experienced-based and ownership driven business education and will lead to the development of capital bases and #blackowned businesses in the black community.

Without black owned businesses, you can’t have black wealth. Industry development is critical for black people to be able to keep our wealth and create our own economic opportunities. It is through the building of thousands of black owned businesses that we can achieve this goal.

The Black Business School isn’t just focused on building black owned businesses. We are also focused on helping those with the 9-to-5 to either get off the corporate plantation or at least find a way to generate multiple streams of income.

A lack of income and wealth is one of the reasons that so many black families are consistently stressed and struggling financially. By teaching investing in the stock market, ownership of franchises, the purchase of hotels, etc, our goal is to help black people become world leaders in income generating activities that can secure your family’s economic future.

The Dean of Real Estate for The Black Business School is Jullien Gordon. Jullien has worked with hundreds of Black Business School students to purchase millions of dollars in real estate in black communities.

Herb Strather, another member of The Black Business School Real Estate faculty, has done over $2 billion dollars worth of commercial real estate deals.

Attorney Nichole Compton is a business start up specialist and attorney who has been practicing for more than 20 years. Also, Attorney Tanya Nebo was instrumental in helping scores of students learn the keys to starting a black owned franchise.

The Black Business School for children, also known as The Black Millionaaires Of Tomorrow Program, teaches black youth the fundamentals of stock market investing, real estate investing and entrepreneurship. As a result, many of the children in The Black Business School are now business owners making as much money as many adults.

By using innovative techniques to explain black wealth patterns, trends and possibilities, The Black Business School has become the best in its class when it comes to securing black family wealth for the next generation.

You can learn more about the Black Business School for children at http://BlackMillionairesOfTomorrow.com. You can find out more about The Black Business School by visiting http://TheBlackBusinessSchool.com.

The Black Financial Channel is a news and business channel designed specifically for the African American community. We give daily financial updates on stock markets, investing and other related topics that appear in financial news.

The Black Financial Channel is sponsored by The Black Business School. To join The Black Business School and get started for free, please visit http://TheBlackBusinessSchool.com.

You can enroll in Dr Watkins’ Stock Market Investing class by visiting http://TheBlackStockMarketProgram.com.

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