The Medford Knives Proxima is SERIOUS Business. #shorts

It’s no secret that we love Medford Knives here at The Clip Point. There’s just something about their no nonsense, unapologetically American designs that does it for us. The Medford Proxima is no exception.

“The Proxima started life as the Gigantes. For folks that wanted a larger than life knife, it was awesome. But for the rest of planet Earth, an adjustment in attitude was required. We drew-down the overall length to 8.8″ with a 4.9″ closed length for the pocket and 3.9″ blade length. All materials are of 3/16″ nominal stock, making for a very EDC friendly thickness. We played with several twists on the original name but as the prototype was carried by Greg, he kept thinking- this knife is too awesome to get a spin-off name. Since every time anyone needed to look at the prototype it was in Greg’s pocket… always near, thus: Proxima. This is THE knife carried by Greg these days. As he says: “I love the flipper/hilt and the basic meanness of this thing! It just looks bad ass and I look for reasons to snap it out all day.” What else can we say?” –Medford Knife & Tool

*All of the knives we review, unless otherwise noted, are our own. These reviews will always be authentic, neutral, and 100% honest!

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