The Race to Entrepreneurship: Black Business – Lahoma Dade, Shedrach Rowry, and Sterling Smith // 07

Entrepreneurship creates jobs, spurs innovation, builds wealth, and is historically one of the greatest contributors to America’s advancement. However, in America, there is a huge gap between black and white communities that in many ways, is still as wide in 2020 as it was in 1968, when a run of landmark civil rights legislation culminated in the Fair Housing Act in response to centuries of unequal treatment of African Americans in nearly every part of society and business. In the decades since, white wealth has soared while black wealth has stagnated. Many have pointed out the far larger share of white millionaires than black, but even among the middle class, the inequities are clear. In this episode, we have a panel of entrepreneurs to discuss the reality of being a black entrepreneur in America.

In this episode, Matthew sits down with Lahoma Dade, Shedrach Rowry, and Sterling Smith to discuss Black entrepreneurship and why it is important.

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Lahoma Dade: www.EventsUnleashed.com
Lahoma’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/eventsunleashed/

Shedrach Rowry: www.ShedrachRowry.com
Shedrach’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/shedrachrowry/

Sterling Smith: www.sterling.ooo
Sterling’s Twitter: www.twitter.com/sterlingsmith



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