THE TAKEOUT EFFECT with Banki: Interview with Elle Edwards

THE TAKEOUT EFFECT with Banki. THE TAKEOUT EFFECT brings real conversations in business.:

Banki Interviews with Elle Edwards, Fashion Photographer and Creative Director.

THE TAKEOUT EFFECT is live every Thursday at 7:00 PM EST on the Business Takeout Podcast Platform.


Host: Sheares Benjamin (Banki)
Owner of Banki Designs and Business Takeout

The Takeout Effect features in-depth conversations with business professionals, influencers, and industry experts who share intimate details regarding their journey towards success. Banki and the Business Takeout Team are committed to providing information that is valuable and practical to inspire other black entrepreneurs. From personal experiences to the toughest challenges, this podcast series is a blend of actional guidance and motivation to help others overcome challenges and experience real results.

About Business Takeout

Business Takeout is a non profit social enterprise that provides business education and resources such as business blogs, podcast shows and events. Our mission is to increase black wealth and empower our community.

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