White Woman Fired After Video Alleges Verbal Racist Attack on Black Couple in Dog Park


Another white woman in New York City has been exposed and fired for her racist verbiage after telling a Black couple to “stay in your hood” in a Brooklyn dog park.

A Black best-selling New York Times author posted an encounter he had over the weekend when a white woman allegedly told him and his fiancée to “stay” in their hood as she threatened to call the police on them.

In the video, it appears that the white woman points her middle finger up to the camera phone as she tries to grab the phone as the incident is being filmed. Another white person seen in the clip verifies that the white woman did tell the Black couple to stay in their hood.

Frederick Joseph posted the incident to his Twitter account.

With the power of social media, someone identified the white woman, whose name is reportedly Emma Sarley.

After finding out her name, Joseph was also able to find out where she worked and sent a notice of Sarley’s actions to her employer, Derek J. Andersen, the co-founder/CEO of @BevyHQ and @StartupGrind.

Andersen stated that he spoke to Joseph and his fiancée and announced it on his Twitter feed.

Anderson returned to Twitter several hours later to inform his followers that Sarley had been terminated for her action.

Joseph also gave an update after Andersen decided to terminate Sarley.



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