WSMA Presents: Tools & Resources for Serving Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

Every day entrepreneurs with disabilities bring us products and services that are vital to our lives and our communities. When we support these business owners with appropriate business tools and resources, they grow stronger and strengthen our communities.

This webinar presented information and resources to help organizations and staff provide relevant business training, technical assistance and financing to business owners with disabilities. You can watch this engaging webinar to become an organization that helps business owners with disabilities.

Our Featured Speakers:

~ ChrisTiana ObeySumner (they/them) – Principal and Owner, Epiphanies of Equity
~ Emerson Sekins (he/him) – Executive Director, NW Access Fund
~ James O’Brien (he/him) – Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor, Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

You can find all the slide decks and webinar chat box with links with resources discussed during the webinar on our website at https://www.wamicrobiz.org/post/october-21-2021-wsma-presents-tools-and-resources-for-serving-entrepreneurs-with-disabilities

Thank you to our partners and supporters at Epiphanies of Equity, the NW Access Fund, the Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Black-Owned Business Excellence, and the Washington State Department of Commerce for their support of this webinar.



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