Yanolja Cloud Achieved 170% Growth in the Global SaaS Business


– Expeditiously growing in the global market including Southeast Asia, India, and Africa and ZEN Rooms has rapidly grown more than 1,800% for a year

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 1:10 AM MDT|Updated: 15 minutes ago

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Global travel tech company Yanolja Cloud(CEO Jongyoon Kim) recorded high growth in the global SaaS(Software as a Service) market.


Yanolja Cloud achieved 170% of cloud solution licenses sales in the overseas markets including the United States, Indonesia, Philippines, India, and Africa in September compared to the same period last year. This is a new sales record that Yanolja Cloud internally set. In particular, ZEN Rooms, the affiliated company of Yanolja Cloud and the Top three OTA in the Philippines, shows rapid growth in the global market, achieving more than 137% of solution license sales and attracting over 1,800% of new customers compared to the same period last year in the Southeast Asian market.

This result is analyzed that Yanolja Cloud is materializing the business outcome through proactive digital transformation based on Yanolja Cloud’s technology and sophisticated market understanding on the solution. Especially, based on the global business steadily expanding since 2019, it has started to take a full-fledged step toward the No.1 in the global hotel solution market.

Yanolja Cloud has acquired eZee Technosys, the global hotel management solution company and the international OTA ZEN Rooms, since 2019. And based on the strategic partnership with HotelOnline, the No.1 hotel digital marketing company in Africa, Yanolja Cloud has been reinforcing its firm position for the global market. Consequently, ZEN Rooms became the top three OTA in Southeast Asia and HotelOnline secured more than 1,700 solution customers in four months since the strategic partnership. It clearly shows how Yanolja Cloud has steadily grown in the overseas markets.

In addition, Yanolja Cloud has been developing tailored solutions for each country in the global market. Yanolja Cloud manages all integrated processes from R&D to the commercialization of cloud-based hospitality technology. Yanolja Cloud will accelerate the global solution license business through the enhancement of R&D capability and localization.

“Yanolja Cloud’s strong point is to understand the hospitality industry deeper and present the optimized SaaS solution to the customers,” said Jongyoon Kim, the CEO of Yanolja Cloud. “Yanolja Cloud will consistently lead the digital transformation of the travel industry and leap to the global No.1, securing the leadership for global cloud solution technology.”

Yanolja Cloud develops the platform for the leisure industry including hotel, leisure facilities, and restaurants based on industry-leading SaaS technology. As the global demand for saving hotel operating costs through cloud solutions is increasing worldwide due to COVID-19, Yanolja Cloud currently provides services in more than 60 languages to over 37,000 customers in 170 countries.

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Created to strengthen Yanolja’s leadership in the global hospitality market with Software-as-a-Service technology, Yanolja Cloud is the global top cloud-based hospitality solution provider offering B2B operation solutions for approximately 37,000 clients in 170 markets in more than 60 different languages. With its Y FLUX, a fully automated hotel management solution, Yanolja Cloud plans to drive the digital transformation of hotels, leisure and residential spaces while establishing a cloud solution ecosystem that satisfies the needs of partners, booking channels and customers. Yanolja Cloud is expanding its client base by leveraging its powerful SaaS model, enabling efficient installation and operation, and is developing optimized local solutions through partnership with global leaders.

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